Estate Planning Probate

If you die tomorrow, does your legacy die with you?

Do the hopes and dreams of a better life for your loved ones become a memory when you do? Will your business survive without you? Will your assets end up in the wrong hands?

These are the problems that business continuation and estate planning solve! Don’t let the wrong people take your hard work from your family and don’t let your business fail to exist along with you. A properly executed Estate Plan avoids all of the confusion and ensures your wishes are followed through with.

How is your Estate Plan? What does a standard Will package include? Here is what the team at Shepard-Law will help you create with your future and loved ones in mind.


Health Care Power of Attorney (Living Will)


Revocable & Irrevocable Trust


Business Power of Attorney


HIPPA Release


Family Instructions


Legal advice to choose the right planning for you and your family.

Shepard-Law offers a wide range of Estate Plans for any sized estate to ensure your wishes are accomplished. Wills, Trusts, Business Continuation, Powers of Attorney are all handled with the upmost attention to detail, privacy and your legacy. Estate Plans are the responsible way to ensure that your loved ones are cared when you are unable to do so.

Probate matters are either melancholy or joyful depending on your particular case. To ease your stress, we work to ensure you have understanding each step of the way for your probate matter. We make the process easy and quick so you can put your mind to rest and not worry about your assets or decisions that will be made. You are in control of your family’s future.

Shepard Law can draft your entire Estate Plan including Wills, Trusts, Business Continuation Agreements, Power of Attorney for Business, Power of Attorney for Medical (Living Will), HIPPA waivers and personal directives for your loved ones. We can also help with appointing Guardians, setting up Guardianships, appointing Conservators and setting up Conservatorships for both Adults and Children.

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