Divorce Post Decree

While a divorce is never fun for anyone involved, it can be a lot less painful with a good attorney by your side to help you through the dark days and get you down the path to happiness.

Shepard-Law’s approach is unique from other family law attorneys. Our goal for your divorce is for you to get an equitable separation agreement and as fair a parenting plan as the law allows. The end game for your case here is to work towards resolution in a manner which is as least taxing as possible both emotionally and financially.

Jeff has been affectionately often referred to by his clients as the “narcissist whisperer” for his ability and success in dealing with opposing parties who magnanimously or wrongfully believe they are entitled to everything with little or no concessions to their soon to be ex-spouse. If this describes your situation, Shepard-Law may be uniquely qualified and experienced to help.

Shepard-Law has a very simple approach to settlement negotiations and we are not in the practice of ‘horse trading’ unless appropriate, we simply state to the opposing party upon the onset of the case; “we are requesting what the law provides, no more and no less.” As is the process, we then determine what the law provides for your particular set of facts and circumstances; if the opposing party is unwilling to see matters the way we do, the Court generally will in most cases. As a result, we minimize the adversarial back and forth during the pendency of your case to minimize your fees, which also reduces the stress on you and your family.

The reasoning for your divorce generally has little to do with the outcomes of your settlement agreement and should be approached as such. Divorce is a difficult process for all involved. The unfortunate circumstances can be far healthier when groundwork for transition to being happy apart and functional as co-parents when an amicable, non-antagonistic approach is utilized.

In other words, Shepard-Law will fight for your fair settlement and your parenting rights as the law allows but, the “gut them” approach is not something we practice here. Our goal is for you to get through the process quickly, fairly and without exuberant fees.

Shepard Law can provide you experienced legal assistance with Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Maintenance / Alimony, Parenting Time Disputes, Contempt Actions for not abiding by the Court’s Orders within the Parenting Plan or Separation Agreement and most any other Family Law issue.

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