Business Contracts

We take due care to review or draft your business contract to ensure your interests are protected and any possible foreseeable contingency is addressed.
Contracts written by attorneys can be intimidating to anyone. Often contracts are deliberately written to be so vague or overbroad to ensure legal recourse could never be possible against the drafting party. Seriously, how often do we skip reading the terms of service and click the ‘I Agree’ button? Suffice to say, the drafters of that document had every intent for you to do so.
Shepard-Law can be an extraordinary help to ensure your interests are protected, to point out where a party may be intentionally vague or to draft language which is more pliable or specific to suit your intentions.

Often the difference between the words, ‘may’, ‘shall’ and ‘will’ make a huge difference in what the Court can enforce should you need to take your issue that far.

It is always interesting to see the responses to questions or requested edits are when these items are exposed, this certainly reveals the true character and intentions of the party you are entering the contract with.

Contracts can be unwieldy but, with a good attorney behind you, they don’t have to be so daunting.

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