Jeff took care of all the hard parts in my divorce. In a case that was likely to go to a court hearing, Jeff’s firm stances, clear communication, and solid working relationships helped us reach a fair settlement which saved me thousands of dollars and months of added stress. Jeff was very fast and efficient in his ability to articulate and represent my positions which also helped mitigate my costs. His billing practices are very fair and reasonable compared to larger law firms. I’m so thankful that a friend recommended him, and I highly recommend his services.

Kristi Cooley

Jeff represented me in a divorce that included my young daughter. Jeff did a great job advising me of my options, and pushing back against aggressive opposing council to get a good outcome for me and my daughter, without being unnecessarily hostile. A year later, I’m happy to say my daughter and I are doing great and I’m grateful to Jeff and would definitely use him again for any family law matters in the future.


Divorce is never easy, but Jeffery Shephard made the experience much more pleasant… I would say that I made the right choice…without a doubt. Jeff was on the case and kept me abreast every step of the way. At no point did I feel like I was being kept in the dark; quite the opposite, I was being informed constantly. To see Jeff operate in the courtroom during one portion of the case was truly refreshing! He is a great coach and had my back from day one. In the first meeting I had with Jeff, he said to me, “I need you to start doing two things! Firstly, I need you to start living your best life and secondly, detach yourself from the other party in every sense of the word (emotionally, physically, mentally, etc).” This advice made getting through this tough time much easier to swallow and prepped me for a new chapter in my life! Because of my experience, I am much happier and better off and now the new chapter begins! Thank you, Jeff! I couldn’t have gotten through this 8-month ordeal without you in my corner!

George G.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Jeff to settle my custody dispute. He is knowledgeable, timely, and fair. He answered all of my questions and kept me abreast of what to expect. Best yet, he got me exactly what he said he would, with emphasis on the best interest of the child involved and the other party. Thanks to Mr. Shepard  I have a much better relationship with my child’s mother than I ever expected. Unlike many attorneys I have met, I feel like Jeff does this out of a need to make a difference for people going through rough times.

Christoph O.Westminster, CO

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Bobby J.Boulder, CO

Jeff is very knowledgeable and a fantastic person to work with. He is very thorough and thinks outside the box.

Alicia U.Westminster, CO

From day one he was thorough and detail-oriented. He knew all the ins and outs of my particular situation quickly and was always available for a quick consult or information to assist me. I really had no one after my first attorney withdrew unexpectedly- I was at my wit’s end and Jeff stepped in and saved the day.

NeverMonday S.Aurora, CO